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Kerala Lottery Result Today: Kerala State Lotteries is a lottery program Conducted by the Government of Kerala.

Launched in 1967, under the lottery section of the Government of Kerala, It’s the very first of its type in India. The thought behind the installment of this new division was in the Finance Minister of this nation, P. K. Kunju Sahib. The goals of beginning the program of kerala Lottery Sambad result today were to give employment to individuals and supplement government funds without bothering the public.

Where Is Kerala Lottery Results Held?

The kerala lottery today result is held in Thiruvananthapuram, Gorky Bhavan Close Bakery Junction.

The winners are advised to check the winning numbers together with the results printed in the Kerala Government Gazette and give the winning tickets within 30 days. The tickets of lottery result today kerala lottery result today supplied by the kerala lottery today result win win champions have to be complete and free of any harm. A mutilated ticket won’t be approved for demonstration, and the prize money won’t be awarded to him/her. The lottery should not be ripped or hurt, either. The winner needs to have a suitable identification card along with passport-sized photographs together with them.

Kerala Lottery Live Draw Result Today 03.09.2020

Date Draw Result
03.09.2020Karunya Plus Lottery (KN-332) Result
02.09.2020Akshaya Lottery (AK-461) Result
01.09.2020Sthree Sakthi Lottery (SS-225) Result
31.08.2020Win-Win Lottery (W-580) Result
29.08.2020Karunya Lottery (KR-463) Result
28.08.2020Nirmal Weekly Lottery (NR-188) Result
27.08.2020Karunya Plus Lottery (KN-331) Result
26.08.2020Akshaya Lottery (AK-460) Result
25.08.2020Sthree Sakthi Lottery (SS-224) Result
24.08.2020Win-Win Lottery (W-579) Result
22.08.2020Karunya Lottery (KR-462) Result
21.08.2020Nirmal Weekly Lottery (NR-187) Result
20.08.2020Karunya Plus Lottery (KN-330) Result
19.08.2020Akshaya Lottery (AK-459) Result
18.08.2020Sthree Sakthi Lottery (SS-223) Result
17.08.2020Win-Win Lottery (W-578) Result
15.08.2020Karunya Lottery (KR-461) Result
14.08.2020Nirmal Weekly Lottery (NR-186) Result
13.08.2020Karunya Plus Lottery (KN-329) Result
12.08.2020Akshaya Lottery (AK-458) Result
11.08.2020Sthree Sakthi Lottery (SS-222) Result
10.08.2020Win-Win Lottery (W-577) Result
08.08.2020Karunya Lottery (KR-460) Result
07.08.2020Nirmal Weekly Lottery (NR-185) Result
06.08.2020Karunya Plus Lottery (KN-328) Result
05.08.2020Akshaya Lottery (AK-457) Result
04.08.2020Sthree Sakthi Lottery (SS-221) Result
03.08.2020Win-Win Lottery (W-576) Result
01.08.2020Karunya Lottery (KR-459) Result
31.07.2020Nirmal Weekly Lottery (NR-184) Result
30.07.2020Karunya Plus Lottery (KN-327) Result
29.07.2020Akshaya Lottery (AK-456) Result
28.07.2020Sthree Sakthi Lottery (SS-220) Result
27.07.2020Win-Win Lottery (W-575) Result
26.07.2020Karunya Lottery (KR-456) Result
25.07.2020Karunya Lottery (KR-458) Result
24.07.2020Nirmal Weekly Lottery (NR-183) Result
23.07.2020Karunya Plus Lottery (KN-326) Result
22.07.2020Akshaya Lottery (AK-455) Result
21.07.2020Sthree Sakthi Lottery (SS-219) Result
20.07.2020Win-Win Lottery (W-574) Result
19.07.2020Nirmal Weekly Lottery (NR-181) Result
18.07.2020Karunya Lottery (KR-457) Result
17.07.2020Nirmal Weekly Lottery (NR-182) Result
16.07.2020Karunya Plus Lottery (KN-325) Result
15.07.2020Akshaya Lottery (AK-454) Result
14.07.2020Sthree Sakthi Lottery (SS-218) Result
13.07.2020Win-Win Lottery (W-573) Result
12.07.2020 Karunya Plus Lottery (KN-324) Result
11.07.2020Akshaya Lottery (AK-453) Result
10.07.2020Sthree Sakthi Lottery (SS-217) Result
09.07.2020Win-Win Lottery (W-572) Result

Kerala Lottery Draw Schedule Weekly Lottery

DayLottery Draw Name 1st Winning Prize
MondayWin-Win65, 00,000/
TuesdayDhanasree70, 00,000/
WednesdayAkshaya60, 00,000/
ThursdayKarunya Plus70, 00,000/
FridayBhagyanidhi60, 00,000/
SaturdayKarunya10,000,000 /
SundayPournami70, 00,000/

Prize Structure Of Kerala State Lottery

1st PrizeRs :7,000,000/
Consolation Prize Rs. 8,000/
2nd PrizeRs :500,000/
3rd PrizeRs. 100,000/
4th PrizeRs. 5000/
5th PrizeRs. 1000/
6th PrizeRs. 500/
7th PrizeRs. 100/
8th Prize ======

Draw Timing Of Kerala Lottery Result Today

kerala lottery result today result today draws for every weekly lottery are ran at 3.00 pm to the draw date. The lottery section elicits the lottery draw effect on the official site of Kerala lotteries on precisely the exact same day. The Kerala lottery outcomes will probably likewise published in the Kerala Government Gazette. The prize winners would need to confirm the winning numbers together with the outcome printed in the Gazette and concede the lottery ticket in 30 days of the draw date.

Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM Morning Weekly Games Name

Here below you can find the names of everyday lottery game.

DayDraw Name

Sikkim state lottery result

This lottery response will print in daily 11:55am we stated that although it actully printed on daily 12:10 pm so prepare everyday now we emphasise that the most desired blessed outcomes.

Sikkim state lottery today result

Sambad lottery todays means todays that is regular lottery ticket and it will play everyday become a millionare.

FAQs Kerala Lottery Result Today

Can We Purchase Kerala Lottery Ticket Online?

No one can purchase the ticket of Kerala Lottery online because it is strictly prohibited by the Kerala. Even outside the state of Kerala no one can purchase the ticket as it is legally bane.

Can We Participate In Kerala Lottery Result Today?

Among a number of other reasons, kerala lottery result today guessing is famed because of its attraction procedure. A very clear and transparent procedure, it has always brought people’s involvement. Draws are conducted in different areas of the state. Anyone is welcome in the draw place. Information on the site can be obtained from Agents or via websites.

How To Make Claim For Kerala Lottery Winning Prize?

The prize-winner of a kerala lottery today result karunya plus will concede the prize-winning ticket within 30 days of the draw together with essential files. Prizes around Rs. 1Lakh might be maintained in the District Lottery Offices worried. Prize winning tickets over Rs.1 Lakh will be declared prior to the Manager of State Lotteries after affixing the signature, address and name of their prize winner on the trunk side of their tickets.

Is Kerala State Lottery Is Legal?

Yes, even when you’re from Karnataka; you can assert the Kerala lottery result 2020 should you purchase and acquire a kerala lottery result today live ticket. There isn’t any such limitation and, in actuality, lots of Sabarimala pilgrims do this. As you aren’t the seller, you are able to maintain the lottery out of any state which has legalized kerala lottery ticket result today.